SENC Stress



CMR SENC Stress  is a 15-20 minute procedure featuring a 3-4 minute patient scan inside the magnet.  This test provides almost real-time quantitative results comparing cardiac strain testing on a relaxed and stressed heart (utilizing dobutamine).  The differential in wall motion is measured (typically caused by a lack of blood supply to certain regions of the heart) and reported in an easy to read format.  By quantifying strain metrics and visualizing the effected regions of the heart, restricted blood vessels can be identified and physicians can make a more informed clinical decision.



  • A protocol targeted for a 15-minute total procedure
  • Utilizes one heart-beat data acquisition
  • No patient breath-hold required
  • No contrast required
  • Increased precision can identify problem regions with less stress agent
  • Real time processing


  • Validated in literature
  • Numerous peer-reviewed articles comparing accuracy versus other alternatives
  • Treatment scale validated in over 40 peer reviewed articles


  • Procedure represents 3 strain tests
  • No special technician skills or training required
  • Limited patient time in scanner (3 individual scans, 90 seconds per scan)


  • Utilizes wall motion changes to identify changes in strain tests
  • Regional analysis of wall motion metrics indicates significance of blood restriction on wall motion
  • May meet manage care metrics for reducing costs through efficiency, productivity and lower reimbursement