CMR Technology

CMR SENC Strain:


The goal of CMR SENC Strain testing is to measure effects of disease and chemo-toxicity on cardiac wall motion before patients become symptomatic. This also allows cardiac testing to find the effects of disease and potentially prevent heart failure. SENC Strain needs only a 15 second scan and a 90 second analysis to generate a simple-to-read report available in less than 15 minutes. Learn more about MSI’s ability to improve strain testing by providing a simple report that quantifies wall motion across 37 regions of the heart here.


CMR SENC Stress:

CMR SENC Stress eliminates many of the barriers to a successful cardiac stress test. Without breath-hold, radiation, or contrast injections, stress measurements can be potentially ready in less than 15 minutes with patient time inside the scanner less than 4 minutes. The goal is to detect changes in wall motion to identify heart areas with poor function due to restricted blood flow.  Click here to learn more about this revolutionary technology.


Technology Validation:

With over 250 publications from 70 major research centers, our patented technology has been proven time and time again as the gold standard for strain imaging.  Click here to learn how myocardial strain has helped research in the fields of chemo-toxicity, congenital defects, heart disease, renal dysfunction, diabetes and more.