About Us

Who are we?

Myocardial Solutions, Inc. (“MSI”) is a software company developing applications for MRI scanners to improve speed, ease and patient experience in order to enhance the clinical utility of cardiac magnetic resonance (“CMR”) testing.


What do we do?

MSI enables fast image capture and quantitative processing for CMR strain testing through a proprietary algorithm.  By improving existing cardiac exams’ processing speed and objectivity in image interpretation, MSI may enhance the clinical utility of CMR testing in two important markets:

  1. Strain testing is measuring changes in cardiac wall motion to help detect effects of disease and drug toxicity on the heart before patients present with symptoms of heart failure.
  2. By utilizing and comparing strain testing on a relaxed and stressed heart, physicians can detect changes in heart function to potentially identify blood vessel restrictions caused by coronary artery disease.


Where have we been used?

The technology has been used globally in over 70 major medical research centers and is established as the gold standard for strain measurement. The research has yielded over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals (50 articles from JAAC and Circulation alone) that validate CMR strain testing..

Myocardial Solutions has FDA 510k clearance for HARP Strain, which will be MSI’s predicate device for its new fast acquisition SENC (Strain ENCoding) technology.


Where are we going?

The company’s technology is well established in the research market.  Today, it is leveraging this work to introduce accurate, simpler and faster CMR diagnostic testing to expand clinical utility.  MSI is introducing SENC technology to demonstrate enhanced CMR testing in four key imaging sites in the US and Europe.